Volkswagen Oil Change Brunswick ME


Driving a Volkswagen means choosing to travel in a vehicle made with attention to detail and incredibly functional design. In order to keep your Volkswagen running at its best for as long as possible, it's important to keep up with routine maintenance. The oil that circulates through your vehicle's engine is the lifeblood that ensures all the parts are able to move together and in turn, keep your car moving. Getting your oil changed on a regular basis not only allows your engine to run more smoothly, but it is a great preventative measure to avoid engine problems down the road.

When you've been driving with the same oil for too long, the motor oil begins to become dirty and loses its ability to lubricate all your engine's parts. Oil is slippery when it is clean, allowing the different mechanisms in the engine to operate without friction. When it becomes dirty, or filled with debris, the oil loses it's viscosity and your engine can overheat.





How Often Should I Change My Volkswagen's Oil?

The best place to look for an estimate on the time you should wait between oil changes is in your owners' manual. Most manuals measure the suggested schedule of your oil changes in either miles or time because the type of driving you are doing has an effect on the frequency you'll need to change the oil. A vehicle that is driven for a lot of miles in the city will need an oil change more frequently than a daily commuter who spends most of the time on the highway. In the same sense, oil changes are sometimes suggested after approximately three months. Of course, each vehicle is different, and the easiest way to get an oil change schedule laid out is to contact the automotive technicians at Morong Volkswagen. Here, we can take a look at your oil and schedule your next change.

Quality Volkswagen Parts in Brunswick ME

On top of the confidence you gain just by driving a Volkswagen, bringing your car in to see the VW experts ensures that your car gets the quality service and attention it deserves. The skilled team at Morong Volkswagen in Brunswick ME, use only the highest quality VW factory parts to repair and maintain your Volkswagen. There is no better way to make sure that your car runs like it did when it was new for as long as possible, than to bring it in to see the professionals at Morong VW.