Used Volkswagen Tiguan For Sale Near Brunswick, ME

If you're looking for your next reliable vehicle, take advantage of our exceptional service and selection and consider a used Volkswagen Tiguan for sale. We pride ourselves on being a complete dealership and delivering premium performance to all of our fellow local drivers. That's why we provide vehicles in a wide range of sizes, shapes, and strengths.

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We're sorry, availability of some equipment, options or features may be limited due to global supply issues affecting the auto industry. Please be sure to verify that the vehicle you purchase includes all expected features and equipment.

Find the Used VW Tiguan SUV That Fits You Best

Why should you consider getting a used Volkswagen Tiguan for sale? Our customers praise this handsome and hearty road warrior for having both show-stopping good looks and the fortitude to keep up with rugged challenges. This well-rounded SUV has a spacious and comfortable cabin that's easy to transform. Adding a whole lot of extra cargo room for a stack of suitcases or several sets of golf clubs is quick and convenient.

Our neighbors in Brunswick, ME, tell us they feel like they're getting a window into whatever's coming next. The VW digital cockpit shows your most vital information right where you need it. Put that together with our comprehensive suite of IQ.DRIVE safety features and you'll find yourself protected from all angles by several alerts, cameras, and sensors.

Here are the features available within the Volkswagen IQ.DRIVE system for the Volkswagen Tiguan SUV model:

  • Lane Assist
  • Emergency Assist
  • Adaptive Cruise Control (ACC)
  • Rear Traffic Alert
  • Front Assist
  • Active Blind Spot Monitor
  • Travel Assist

Want to know which other models and trim levels in our used SUV inventory have similar or the exact same safety features? Just ask a member of our team. We'll be able to introduce you to all of the alluring models on our lot and help you find which one is destined to work best for you and your family.

Choose Your Favorite Used Volkswagen Tiguan Trim Level

We love providing plenty of options for our fellow drivers to choose from in Brunswick, ME. That's why you'll find the used Volkswagen Tiguan S, Volkswagen Tiguan SE, Volkswagen Tiguan SE R-Line, and other trim levels on our lot. At our dealership, you'll always have more than just a couple of options, and you won't have to settle for a color you don't like. When you leave, you'll be riding in style in a vehicle that's exciting to you.

In addition to our used VW Tiguan for sale, you'll also be able to find VW Tiguan lease offers. That's because we believe you should be able to get the model you want, whether you're more fit for a lease or purchase. We understand that everyone's circumstances are different but that all drivers should expect their vehicle to deliver them to their destination safe and sound.

Get Behind the Wheel of a Used Volkswagen Tiguan for Sale Now

If you're looking for a used Volkswagen Tiguan for sale, our selection truly gives you the ability to take your pick. Create an SUV that feels custom-fit inside and out and bursts beyond the limits you have for your current car. A whole new world of versatility and vibrant performance is just around the corner. Starting every day in a vehicle you love doesn't have to be some far-off dream.

We look forward to showing you what we have in stock, whether it's a used or new VW Tiguan for sale. For your big car decisions, trust the skilled hands and automotive geniuses at Morong Brunswick VW. We're dedicated to the on-road success of all our customers in Brunswick, ME.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the used Volkswagen Tiguan Trim levels?

Customers often enjoy the variety of SUVs we have to offer. Browse through trim levels for the Volkswagen Tiguan and take your pick at our official dealership in Brunswick, ME. We often have options like the Volkswagen Tiguan S, SE, SEL Premium R-Line, and more.

How long will a VW Tiguan last?

The importance of consistent care cannot be overstated. Knowing when your recommended intervals are for different car services is essential for longevity. Take proper care of your vehicle, especially before and after long trips, and you can expect your Volkswagen Tiguan to last up to 200,000 miles or so.

How many miles do used Volkswagen Tiguan SUVs have?

As previously stated, making sure your vehicle gets service at the recommended intervals or when there is a sign of a problem can extend its life span. Good driving habits will also prolong the driving days of your Volkswagen Tiguan. Avoid stop-and-go traffic when possible, don’t let your vehicle sit undriven for longer than a week, and take precautions when towing to keep it in its best shape for longer. Our team will help you find a used vehicle with many miles to go on it at Morong Brunswick VW.

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