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VW Maintenance Schedule

Following your VW maintenance schedule is the best way to ensure that your vehicle stays healthy in the long run. From tire wear to engine oil degradation, many systems in your vehicle require servicing as time passes, and vital components require detailed inspections to prevent costly repairs down the road. Our maintenance schedule is a handy tool that shows you when service is needed and the work involved.

You'll find the schedule for your vehicle on this page and quick, precise work by factory-trained technicians at our service center. Enter your VW vehicle's details to get started, and read on to learn more about your VW service schedule.

Understanding Your Volkswagen Maintenance Schedule

Like a VW oil change, many factors are involved with scheduled maintenance. Even in the same vehicle model, certain trim levels can require different types of maintenance work, and the average mileage you log per month can cause the schedule to change.

The goal will remain the same: preventing the need for future repairs and keeping your vehicle running at its best by maintaining key vehicle systems.

Typically, each service interval revolves around replacing "consumable" components (i.e., spark plugs), draining and refilling fluids (i.e., engine oil), and inspecting major components (i.e., the suspension) to determine their health.

The VW maintenance schedule can also involve a test drive where our technicians will look out for issues such as improper steering response.

Road use affects every component of your vehicle, but some vehicles require attention at different intervals. So, start by entering your vehicle's model year, logged mileage, model, trim level, engine, transmission, drive type (i.e., FWD), and the average amount of miles you drive per month into our maintenance schedule tool.

You'll see a chart appear with a series of maintenance items and the upcoming service intervals. The dots will indicate what is required at each interval, and if you click on the VW service interval header, you can book it all with one convenient package.

Savings for Your VW Maintenance Intervals

When we service your vehicle, we only use OEM Volkswagen parts. Our scheduled maintenance packages can offer savings compared to having each task done individually. You'll find valuable service specials like a VW oil change when you choose our service center for any other service or repair.

A One-Stop-Shop for Your VW Maintenance Schedule in Brunswick, ME

From a VW battery replacement to your 50,000-mile scheduled maintenance package, our service center has all your VW service and repair needs covered. When you choose us, you'll find competitively-priced, trustworthy work with only genuine VW parts. So whether your service interval has arrived or you need a price-matched set of tires, visit the service center at Morong Brunswick today.

Frequently Asked Questions

How often should a Volkswagen be serviced?

Every VW vehicle has a unique VW maintenance schedule; the number of miles in-between scheduled services will vary with factors like your vehicle's trim level, transmission, and more. For example, a 2019 VW Golf S 1.4L FWD with an automatic transmission will require a scheduled maintenance service every 10,000 miles. Your vehicle may require individual services like an oil change sooner; use our maintenance schedule tool to determine when your vehicle requires service.

What is included in VW maintenance service?

The VW maintenance schedule involves different work at different service intervals. These service intervals will almost always involve an oil change and require inspections for critical components like brake pads. Use our maintenance schedule tool to determine the specific work involved with your next maintenance interval, and you'll find a convenient package deal for the work involved.

Can a Volkswagen be serviced anywhere?

When you're looking for VW service, an authorized VW service center can complete the work to factory standards. Genuine VW parts and factory-trained technicians must perform the services with the highest precision. You can also find savings on the required services with your VW maintenance schedule at our authorized VW service center.

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